Delores "Baby Dee" Spriggs

Baby Dee was born Delores Spriggs on August 1, 1927, in Washington, DC. She grew up in a family of entertainers - her mother Ernestine Boggerson Spriggs was a performer and her father Daniel Spriggs was a comedian. Baby Dee attended Randall Junior High in Southwest D.C., which is one of the schools that a number of artists featured in our exhibit attended.

Baby Dee lived in the New York City area in the late 1940s, performing at venues such as the Ebony Club in Brooklyn and the Savannah Club in Manhattan. As a performer, she was known for her sensual, dramatic delivery which even included shedding tears. In 1946, she recorded in New York for De Lux and Apollo with the Bill Campbell Orchestra. The following year, she had a recording session in New York for the Chicago-based Sonora Records, which produced the singles: "Like He Never Lived Before"; "It Feels So Doggone Good"; and "If You Gotta Go" with "There Goes the Last Man I'll Ever Lose."
Baby Dee also had performing engagements in her hometown of DC at the Cotton Club on Benning Road in N.E.; the KoKo Club on H St., N.E, and Casbah on U St. NW. Around 1954, M-G-M Records billed her as both Baby Dee and Delores 'Baby Dee' Spriggs. And she went on to record for Zebra Records in New York with songs by Bill Campbell during 1958. Using the name Miss Dee, she recorded in New York in 1959 with her final release being on Amber Records the same year.

Delores "Baby Dee" Spriggs passed away in 2018 in her 90's. In 2020, an official fan page was created in her honor on Facebook.

Delores "Baby Dee" Spriggs

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“We could have lots of fun because you are the cutest one"

- Pretty Eyed Baby

Delores "Baby Dee" Spriggs